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Fang Reverse Engineering

I describe here some facts about a SN986 chip and an accompanying firmware that I have learned when developing my own BSP for the Xiaofang WiFi camera.

Currently this is a personal project but if someone decides to contribute I will redesign it to a community project. This site is a wiki with open access for writing for every developer who has a GitHub account.

I'm very grateful to the fang-hacks community for giving me the first knowledge about this camera and for pointers of how to hack it.

My work however is not related to the fang-hacks project. My aim is to develop a full-stack custom firmware that could be flashed to the internal SPI flash memory replacing the stock firmware. The aims of the fang-hacks project however is to provide an application-layer overlay for an existing firmware with an ability to enable or disable stock features at any time.

There is another reason for this wiki. There are a lot of useful information about a sn986-based camera in the fang-hacks community. The details however are spread across dozens of GitHub issues and comments and are highly unstructured. It seems to be very useful to put together all that info in one place and provide a table of contents and an ability to search.

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